Computer Vision News - January 2024

I know, at least in sabbaticals, there are professors who go to industry for a bit, maybe for a year or a semester. They’re like advisors or research projects in industry. Yeah, that’s an open possibility. I would like to try that to see how it is. You have spoken to us about your current research. Are there projects coming up that you haven’t told us about yet? [Oana laughs] Yeah, there’s always projects in the works. Now, I’m working with my mentee. We’re working together on a multilingual dataset generated by ChatGPT. Large language models are very common, very popular nowadays, so it’s very interesting to see how they work and their output. Especially, I’m very interested across languages. How their output differs. I’m really interested in the analysis of the data generated by GPT. Would it be a safe bet to guess which languages you chose for your cross-language work? Do you want to guess the language that I’m working on? Would it be easy to guess them? Oh, well, yeah, maybe! [laughs] Yes, I think so. Okay, so English, Romanian. Yes! [she laughs] It was an easy guess. But we have 10 languages. We have more than those two. What is the goal of this research? ? Computer Vision News 14 Women in Computer Vision