Computer Vision News - June 2022

60 MICCAI Challenge of the models, which is very important for clinical acceptance, ” he says. “ The end goal is always clinical interpretability, which is another next step for HECKTOR. Evaluating the interpretability and uncertainty of the models is very important if we want to reach clinical development. ” Its consortium of organizers represents the interdisciplinarity of this challenge. Together, they discussed its design and analysis and how to develop guidelines for annotations. The first task seeks algorithmic contributions, but the second is about making decisions on the outcomes and performance metrics that are most meaningful for the clinic in head and neck cancer treatment, ultimately to help clinicians find the best treatment for patients. Although the challenge is taking up a great deal of Vincent’s time now, particularly this last sprint before releasing the data, his day job focuses on deep learning and radiomics problems for radiology , including segmentation and predicting outcomes for different cancers. “ I also work on the interpretability