Computer Vision News - June 2022

59 HECKTOR 2022 the clinical data and the links between, say, HPV status and how it influences the patient outcome. Also, combining clinical data with the PET and CT images and understanding how that can help build strong survival models for prediction . With this being the third edition of the challenge, what might we see in the fourth, fifth, and beyond? “ We’ve thought of other prediction tasks, such as predicting HPV status, TNM staging, sarcopenia – these are all relevant predictions for clinical usage, ” Vincent tells us. “ Also, subpopulation analysis – fitting our populations into HPV-positive patients and predicting local recurrence. ” based on PET and CT images work best . Combining these two modalities is important for a good segmentation followed by outcome prediction. ” Participants can take part in one or both tasks. This year, organizers are not providing test tumor contours, as they realized radiomics methods based on tumor contours from experts were not always the best, so participants will be segmenting their methods themselves and then predicting the outcome. Vincent says understanding the data and the problem is key. For segmentation, standard models like a U-Net can be helpful and good pre-processing of data and data augmentation. For outcome prediction, it is essential to understand