Computer Vision News - November 2016

2 Computer Vision News Read This Month Editorial by Ralph Anzarouth Research Paper Convolutional Oriented Boundaries (COB) Trick of the Month Fast Module Operation Best of ECCV Daily reports from ECCV2016 in Amsterdam Free Subscription Computer Vision News in your Mailbox Best of MICCAI Daily reports from MICCAI2016 in Athens Project Fully Automated Shareable Surveillance Systems Tool of the month t-Distributed SNE Spotlight News From elsewhere on the Web Application of the Month Yodigram - Shelf space reporting Project Management Porting Matlab code to C++ Computer Vision Events November - December - January 03 04 10 12 23 34 59 60 65 66 70 72 16 34 Michael Black BEST OF MICCAI and Exclusive Interviews with: Polina Golland, Clare Tempany, Wiro Niessen 20 24 BEST OF ECCV and Exclusive Interviews with: Michael Black, Jitendra Malik, Octavia Camps 36 47 Spotlight News Women in Science 65 28 Application 66