CVPR Daily - Wednesday

5 DAILY CVPR Wednesday with General co-Chair We also want students to take the opportunity to go to every paper session. We have 12 sessions in total, and I hope you have been getting attending. Every session has a full two-and-a-half-hour live component, which is a great opportunity to meet the authors. A lot of them are students too and are really excited to talk to people about their work and build connections . Do not forget to explore our sponsors too – we have over 50 this year. Many of them have materials online and live chats available for you to make connections. Even if you are a student and a few years away from making decisions about your career, check it out so that you can understand the scale of opportunities out there. Finally, I (Michael) would like to say on behalf of the entire organizing committee a really big thank you to everyone involved in the event this year . The hard work of each and every one of you is appreciated and absolutely crucial. You are CVPR! All we do is provide a platform for people to show their work. CVPR is the community, and the community is what makes it. It has been an honour to be one of your General Chairs again this year, and I look forward to taking on the role again at CVPR 2023 in Vancouver! We hope you all have a great day at virtual CVPR, and we will see you here again tomorrow for the final issue of CVPR Daily for 2021. Please keep sharing the magazine! Michael Brown Ralph Anzarouth General co-Chair, CVPR 2021 Editor, Computer Vision News Professor, York University Marketing Manager, RSIP Vision