Working Together

A short description of the way you will be working together with RSIP Vision, to make sure that we use our project management experience to give you the best R&D solutions:

Requirements Definition

We will meet with you to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of your desired results, and a set of typical images for the project.

Design of the Project

RSIP Vision will work with you to design the major steps of the project. We will agree on appropriate milestones to ensure development can be measured according to the project’s goals.

In many cases the project is complicated and a feasibility stage is necessary. This stage is designed to test and verify the proposed computer vision solution for your project.

Proposal and Purchase Order

Once the project design has been verified, RSIP Vision will formalize the rest of the project with the written proposal. This will include the project’s requirements, the suggested solution, resources and budget.


RSIP Vision’s team of mathematicians, physicists, biomedical engineers, software developers and neuroscientists will work together to develop an elegant and efficient solution for your company. During the development phase we will consult with key experts from your team when necessary. RSIP Vision will keep you updated with frequent progress reports, aligned with milestone deadlines. This ‘checking-in’ is key to RSIP Vision’s work – we maintain a transparent and accountable relationship with you.

Testing and Debugging

After completing the development of the first version of the software solution, with optional intermediate delivery, testing starts. After testing, RSIP Vision will deliver the software and the algorithms along with a performance report to certify the functionality of the software.

Delivery and Acceptance Test

This stage includes the delivery of the software and RSIP Vision’s support as the solution is integrated into your company’s work processes. The acceptance test will be conducted on an agreed-upon database of images.

Maintenance and Support

After completing the project, we offer a maintenance and support contract.

RSIP’s engineers are available to continue to support the product, fix problems, deliver new releases, enhancements and cures.

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