We can’t believe it’s October already – what a great year so far!


We’d like to let you know what we’ve been doing (and no, it isn’t rewatching episodes of HBO’s Silicon Valley!)


Throughout this year we have undertaken projects in many industries, from inspection to 3D modeling to semiconductors to machine learning.


We have been developing various classification systems in computer vision; reconstructing 3D models from different cameras; conducting precise measurements and alignment for semiconductor and PV solar production systems; and developing a smart-phone application that processes personal bank checks.


We are also very active in the bio-medical field, from radiology and cardiology, to cell detection and classification.


The algorithms and software we have created this year have contributed to improvements and innovations within world-renowned companies.


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RSIP Vision is active in Israel, San Francisco and Boston. We combine image processing techniques and computer vision to create state-of-the-art technologies.


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