Computer Vision and Deep Learning at IMVC 2015


We had an excellent time at the Israeli Machine Vision Conference (IMVC) 2015 this week. Dr. Omri Perez, our resident Neuroscientist and team leader, states this year’s IMVC was very interesting and representative of current global trends in Computer Vision. The much discussed topics of virtual and augmented reality were represented by great talks by Drs. James Fung (Google) and Dov Katz (Oculus). Undoubtedly the hottest topic of the conference was deep learning. Jonathan Cohen from NVidia presented useful software & hardware that are being developed to aid deep learning practitioners. Dr. Tal Hassner (Open University) gave a masterful tutorial on deep learning for Face recognition. To top it off, Prof. Lior Wolf (Tel Aviv University) presented state of the art image annotation using deep learning. 

Thanks for the invigorating connections and conversations IMVC!

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