At the Career Day of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

By R. A. / 08/02/2016 / News / No Comments

A career day was held on December 3, 2015 at the campus of Givat Ram, in the heart of Jerusalem. The Hebrew University gave its students a wonderful chance to meet and follow conferences from leading high-tech companies. Six great companies were invited at this career day: Intel, Microsoft, Googl...

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Strong Growth in Computer Vision Predicted

By Felicity / 27/08/2015 / News / No Comments

Report Predicts Rapid Computer Vision Growth   Yesterday the technology market intelligence firm Tractica released its report on computer vision, projecting exceptional growth in the sector. The report suggests that computer vision will grow from its current value of $5.7 billion to $33.3 bi...

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Hackathon 2015!

By Felicity / 04/08/2015 / News / No Comments

Ophthalmic Computer Vision Hackathon Last week we held a hackathon, focused on computer vision in the ophthalmic field. We brainstormed, ate, found solutions, ate more, and fleshed out our solutions. The hackathon was aimed at helping ophthalmologists more accurately and efficiently assess retina...

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ECPA 2015

By Felicity / 23/07/2015 / News / No Comments

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting our precision agriculture colleagues at this year’s European Conference on Precision Agriculture, ECPA 2015. It was wonderful to see so many of the results that precision agriculture produces, particularly in the area of phenotyping, and to get feedback on our ...

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Precision Agriculture: An Answer to the Food Crisis

By Felicity / 06/07/2015 / News / No Comments

Precision Agriculture: One of the Answers to the Global Food Crisis   The steady growth of human population goes hand-in-hand with the increase in demand for food production. Such an increase in demand is predicted to be more pronounced in developing countries, in which access to fresh water...

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RSIP Vision to Participate in ECPA 2015

By Felicity / 30/06/2015 / News / No Comments

We’re getting ready to talk precision agriculture with delegates from all over Europe at this year’s ECPA, at the Volcani Center from 12-16 July! Looking forward to seeing new techniques and addressing challenges in phenotyping, remote sensing, grading and classification, cultivation,...

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Reflections on CVPR 2015

By Felicity / 23/06/2015 / News / No Comments

Reflections on CVPR 2015 One of our colleagues, Dr. Micha Feigin, presents his thoughts on this year’s Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition Conference: Coming back from CVPR 2015, the main conclusion is that everyone (including us) is doing neural networks, preferably deep learning. S...

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CVPR Boston 2015

By Felicity / 11/06/2015 / News / No Comments

We’re at CVPR Boston We’re in the midst of the conversations, collaborations, and consultations that are filling the halls of the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR) in Boston. So far Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks are big topics, alongside emoti...

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Deep Learning & Convolutional Neural Networks Workshop

By Felicity / 16/04/2015 / News / No Comments

Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks Workshop   This week members from our Tel Aviv and Jerusalem offices came together for a Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks workshop led by Dr. Omri Perez, one of our senior staff members. Great materials facilitated excellent disc...

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Computer Vision & Deep Learning at IMVC 2015

By Felicity / 26/03/2015 / News / No Comments

Computer Vision and Deep Learning at IMVC 2015   We had an excellent time at the Israeli Machine Vision Conference (IMVC) 2015 this week. Dr. Omri Perez, our resident Neuroscientist and team leader, states this year’s IMVC was very interesting and representative of current global trend...

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IMVC 2015

By Felicity / 10/03/2015 / News / No Comments

We’re looking forward to participating in the Israel Machine Vision Conference (IMVC) in Tel Aviv in a few weeks. As always, there is an excellent line up of speakers and exhibitors, including Dr. Dov Katz from Oculus and Dr. Oriol Vinyals from Google Brain. We hope to see you there!

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RSIP Vision Named Computer Vision Disrupter

By Felicity / 28/12/2014 / News / No Comments

RSIP Vision Named Top Disruptive Computer Vision Company   We’re proud to have been named a computer vision company to watch in 2015 by Israel 21C in their roundup of disruptive technologies being developed in Israel!   The article asserts, “Israel is a world leader in the t...

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Exploring Historical Tel Aviv

By Felicity / 06/11/2014 / News / No Comments

Yesterday the teams from RSIP Vision’s Jerusalem and Tel Aviv offices joined together to tour the historical areas of the Levinsky market and Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv.   Led by our wonderful tour guide Yair, we heard, saw, and most importantly tasted the treasures of the Levinsky market...

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October Update!

By Felicity / 12/10/2014 / News / No Comments

  We can’t believe it’s October already – what a great year so far!   We’d like to let you know what we’ve been doing (and no, it isn’t rewatching episodes of HBO’s Silicon Valley!)   Throughout this year we have undertaken projects in many...

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Jerusalem Job Fair

By Felicity / 25/05/2014 / News / No Comments

Great Day at the Jerusalem Job Fair!   RSIP Vision participated in the job fair at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem last week. It was a wonderful blue-sky day – we were lucky enough to be outside while we met talented applicants. Here are two members of our Jerusalem office talking t...

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IMVC 2014

By Felicity / 03/04/2014 / News / No Comments

We had an engaging and intellectually riveting time at the Israel Machine Vision Conference (IMVC) 2014, in Tel Aviv on Tuesday. Here’s our Founder & CEO Ron Soferman at our booth, before the presentations. It was great be part of IMVC once again!

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Follow us on Twitter! We are @RSIPvision

By Felicity / 17/02/2014 / News / No Comments

Yes, we finally took  time away from writing code to make a Twitter account! Follow us to keep up with computer vision and image processing news from RSIP Vision and our colleagues around the globe – we pick only the best to share. We are @RSIPvision Follow us there!

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See you at Molecular Med Tri-Con 2014!

By Felicity / 23/01/2014 / News / No Comments

RSIP Vision is excited to be part of this year's Molecular Med Tri-Con in San Francisco.

Join us at Booth 208! We'll be showcasing what we do best - customized computer vision technology for the biomedical field.

We're looking forward to sharing ideas with you at MMTC 2014 about how we can bene...

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Join Us at RSNA in Chicago!

By Felicity / 25/09/2013 / News / No Comments

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