WACV 2024 Daily - Friday

22 DAILY WACV Workshop Friday Sarah Ostadabbas (left) is an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Northeastern University (NU), where she is also Director of the Augmented Cognition Laboratory (ACLab); CoDirector of the Center for Signal Processing, Imaging, Reasoning, and Learning (SPIRAL); and Director of Women in Engineering. Michael Wan (center) is a Research Scientist at the Institute for Experiential AI (EAI) at NU, working at the Roux Institute campus in Portland, Maine. Elaheh Hatamimajoumerd (right) is a Postdoctoral Researcher at ACLab and EAI. They are the co-organizers of the Computer Vision with Small Data (CV4Smalls) Workshop and are here to tell us more about Sunday’s main event. The inaugural CV4Smalls Workshop brings computer vision and machine learning specialists together to address the challenges of working with small datasets involving infants and animals. Whether it’s the difficulty of gathering or accessing data or the prohibitive costs and security concerns associated with labeling, the workshop is a platform to ensure that those grappling with such data constraints can leverage and benefit from ongoing advancements in the field. Previous workshops at other conferences have focused on dataefficient machine learning, adapting approaches for domains with limited data, including concepts like few-shot and zero-shot learning. However, the data being discussed here is significantly smaller, and it is in the wild, with distribution even within classes coming from diverse sources.