MIDL Vision 2021

Picks of the day (Thursday) by Louis - sessions E, F, G, H: Louis van Harten is a PhD candidate at the Amsterdam University Medical Center , under the supervision of Ivana Išgum . His current research centers around the development of machine learning based methods for analysis of the small intestine in abdominal MRI. “ If the only tool you have is a hammer, it is tempting to treat everything as if it were a nail. Convolutional neural networks make for very nice hammers in that sense. However, our box of machine learning tools seems to be growing constantly: even if most of those new tools are just better hammers, we now have access to chisels and pliers as well. As a field we haven’t quite figured out how to best use them yet, but that makes it an exciting time to be a researcher! ” Long presentations: G8 - The OOD Blind Spot of Unsupervised Anomaly Detection H2 - A Mean-Field Variational Inference Approach to Deep Image Prior for Inverse ... Short presentations: E4 - Rethinking the Design of Learning based Inter-Patient Registration using ... E7 - Learning a Metric without Supervision: Multimodal Registration using Synthetic ... G4 - Test-Time Mixup Augmentation for Uncertainty Estimation in Skin Lesion Diagnosis H6 - Transformers for Ischemic Stroke Infarct Core Segmentation from Spatio-temporal ... For today, Thursday 8 2 Louis’ Picks VISION MIDL “ … an exciting time to be a researcher! ” On Friday 16:00 (UTC+2), make sure to join the discussion on his paper as well: L1 - Untangling the Small Intestine in 3D cine-MRI using Deep Stochastic Tracking