MICCAI 2018 Daily - Wednesday

Parvin Mousavi Is a Professor of Computing at Queen’s University in Canada. Her research interests are in Computer-aided diagnosis and interventions. Parvin, I see that you have a very nice badge that says, “ I am a mentor ”. What does it mean? Mentorship is a new initiative at MICCAI 2018. It’s a great initiative, and it puts together people who are ready to take on junior members of the community and provide guidance and assistance as they need it. It matches them with these junior members. They are put together by the MICCAI organizers this year, and I think there are two mentees for each mentor. I have been assigned. What are your expectations from this program? My expectations are that I give confidence and provide a small role in what will make the next generation of MICCAI leaders in our community. Are you not afraid that some mentee might have more expectations than what you are able to provide? That is an excellent point. Yes, sometimes you think about whether or not you’re going to disappoint a mentee. It is important to be transparent ahead of time and ask what the expectations are from the mentees in the beginning. That’s what MICCAI also proposes to do. Then have a dialogue on whether those expectations match your expertise or not and how you can help. Some mentees want help in career paths. Other mentees would like more technical help. Others would just like a network of connections. Do you have any general advice for mentees in how to approach this program? I think your last question is a good question to think about so that you are not disappointed. Keep an open mind. This is an opportunity of many opportunities that will come in your career and life. Keep an open mind. Take advantage of it. It is there. Have a clear dialogue. Have a clear communication with your mentor about your expectations. Hopefully, you will learn and gain something from it. Any knowledge is better than not having it. Is there anything you would like to add? I would like to thank MICCAI for this initiative, and I would like to encourage future MICCAIs to continue. With Parvin Mousavi and Leslie Solorzano 16 Wednesday Mentorship The now famous I’m a Mentor badge