ICCV Daily 2023 - Wednesday

11 DAILY ICCV Wednesday Industrial Inspection and Tricky Surfaces An exciting workshop about Transparent & Reflective objects In the wild (TRICKY) offered a vivid exchange about approaches for transparent and reflective objects In the wild. Especially interesting were the presentations and discussions about lights, photometry, industrial challenges, depth completion for transparent objects, self-supervised learning and 3D reconstruction for objects with complex light transport. In a very related news, an example of industrial challenges with tricky objects will be shown in the inline microscopic 3D shape reconstruction demo, which will be presented by (from left to right in the photo) Lukas Traxler, Doris Antensteiner, Christian Kapeller from AIT, the Austrian Institute of Technology. The demo can be found at the exhibition area from today (Wednesday) to Friday at the stand D1. The presenters focus on researching novel methods to inspect industrial objects with difficult surface structures (e.g. reflective or translucent materials) and geometries.