ICCV Daily 2019 - Tuesday

MICCAI 2019 DAILY Mathilde Bateson 13 I am working on the technical part of a project, a European project that is called PROCESS, which stands for Providing Computing Solutions for Exascale Challenges. It's a European project for Horizon 2020. So the goal of the project is... there are seven or eight partners in Europe, all around Europe, and there are five big high computer centers. The goal is to create a user-friendly platform for researchers to solve different problems to access high-performance computing centers. Today there is no common platform to do that? There are different platforms, but there is not a European one. Also, for some problems, it might not be good enough to just use Google or Amazon services because of the privacy of the data. So they ensure data privacy. They are looking at all of these things in the project, and we represent one use case application that is the exa-scale analysis of medical images, meaning that it should scale up to reach exa- flops computations. Do you feel satisfied dedicating this part of your career to that? Three years is a lot of time! [laughs] Yes, it is a lot of time, but it is a lot of time for me to grow and to do research in a field that is medical imaging, which is something that I Mara, what is HES-SO Valais? It's the University of Applied Sciences in Western Switzerland. It's essentially an institution where the goal is to take science and apply it to real problems. That's the reason why I work with medical imaging. Were you at MICCAI two weeks ago? I was at MICCAI last year, not this year. I was in Granada, but China was a bit too far for me. Well, Seoul is even further! [both laugh ] There are certainly many centers that apply theoretical models to the real world. What makes HES-SO Valais so special? They are all special! It's a very good research team. It's driven by Henning Müller, who has a long history in image retrieval. He has built up his own lab essentially in the middle of the Alps in Switzerland. It's an amazing place to live, first point. I was going to stay there for four years so I also took this into consideration. But also, they have a great lab, a great location. How many people in the lab? Many. I think there are more than 20 right now. What is Mara’s function in that lab? Mara Gr ziani DA I L Y