ECCV 2018 Daily - Thursday

Daily Thursday 13 Haya’s and Rowan’s Picks of the day: P-4A-09: Exploring Visual Relationship for Image Captioning P-4A-19: Compositional Learning of Human Object Interactions P-4A-23: Fully Motion-Aware Network for Video Object Detection P-4B-03: CornerNet: Detecting Objects as Paired Keypoints P-4B-88: Person Re-identificationwith Deep Similarity-GuidedGraph Neural Network Both Haya and Rowan Seweilam are bachelor’s degree students in Alexandria University, Egypt . They are at the last year and are doing their graduation project in Computer Vision mixed with NLP . Their project is about video QA in which you can type a question to an application and receive an answer based on the video scenario. This will be their first step in scientific research and they hope to enjoy that new experience. Rowan have received a Google travel grant for ECCV2018 and Haya accompanied her to come to see the latest papers in that field and also to visit Munich for the first time in their life. Haya’s and Rowan’s Picks For today, Thursday 13 2 Haya and Rowan aremost interested in posters based on image, face, motion, actions recognitionwhich could help them in their project. They hope you all like them too!