Computer Vision News - May 2024

55 Cradle of X-ray Image Computer Vision News more than technical, it’s a strategic decision that impacts workflow and patient care. It is important to understand these environments and tailor the AI solutions to operate within their constraints. The choice of application needs to be inspired by the real needs of the clinicians. The challenges faced by radiologists, such as the overwhelming number of images requiring diagnosis are our main motivations. We actively investigate how AI can help by improving workflow, aiding technicians, and prioritizing urgent cases. My key takeaways from the evening are: ➢ Understand Your Deployment Environment: It’s crucial to recognize the limitations of your technology and adapt your AI solutions accordingly. ➢ Know Your Stakeholders: Deep engagement with end-users is essential. By understanding their pain points, we can develop AI applications that address their core needs. Sometimes the simplest solution trumps the fanciest. As an example, our most used AI application is a feature that automatically rotates X-ray image to the correct orientation which based on our case study manages to save 20 hours of technicians'