Computer Vision News - May 2024

Computer Vision News 10 2.2 Python Implementation of Numerical Inverse Kinematics of the Robot Arm To implement vision-aided inverse kinematics, we need to first implement the numerical inverse kinematics of the robot arm in ROS2. For implementation of this part in ROS2, you should start with updating the configuration yaml files to set the robot motion mode to ’position.’ Following that, you should create the helper functions that will do all the calculations and algorithm implementations for you. Finally, you will create your custom APIs. 2.2.1 Setup and Helper Functions First off, change the yaml file content to ’position’ mode. After that, create a package, and then create a new script called (or any appropriate name you choose). If you do not know how to create a package in ROS2, follow the instructions in this link. In this script, develop a main function and a special class for inverse kinematics. We called this class as ourAPI. The code below gives you a template to start this: You will need to start writing the class helper functions to implement the numerical inverse kinematics and adding them to the class methods Lessons in Robotics