Computer Vision News - January 2024

37 Computer Vision News By uniting people from various fields, the challenge aims to drive innovation, increase accuracy, and reduce uncertainty in parameter reconstruction. While it serves an important and serious purpose, Karen wants to highlight that participating in these events should be fun, and taking part is not without its perks. “It does take quite a bit of time and effort, but it’s a friendly competition,” she reminds us. “The winners will get to go to the AAPM annual meeting with their registration comped by AAPM. The meeting is in Los Angeles this year, so it’s a pretty good destination!” Emily adds: “There will also be recognition in potential future publications, as well as at the dedicated Grand Challenge symposium at AAPM annual.” Registration opens on January 15. See the Grand Challenge website for more information, and the organizers are on hand to answer any questions that people may have. IVIM-dMRI Reconstruction 2 NeurIPS PAPERS in this issue! Find them on page 2 (by Denys Rozumnyi) and on page 38 (with Nina Montaña Brown)