Computer Vision News - June 2023

4 CVPR Best Paper Award Candidate an object moves within the scene, the pixel locations experiencing intensity changes will generate output events, primarily representing the edges surrounding the object. Event cameras draw inspiration from biological receptors in the human eye , whichalso focusondetecting changes in the scene. Our brain often disregards motion, Event cameras differ from standard cameras in how they measure light at the image sensor. Instead of capturing frames continuously, event cameras only output a binary signal when there is a significant change in intensity above a predetermined threshold . Consequently, no information is obtained when an event camera is pointed at a static scene since there are no intensity changes. However, if DATA-DRIVEN FEATURE TRACKING FOR EVENT CAMERAS Nico Messikommer and Mathias Gehrig are PhD students in the lab of Davide Scaramuzza in the Robotics and Perception Group at the University of Zurich. Carter Fang was a master’s student at ETH and is now a Research Engineer at Waabi working on autonomous driving for trucks. All three are co-authors of a fantastic paper that is a candidate to win a significant award at CVPR later this year. Nico Messikommer Mathias Gehrig Carter Fang