Computer Vision News - June 2023

12 AI Newcomer Award Nora tells us about several projects she has been involved in, including her current PhD research on the recognition of calving fronts , which is the position where a glacier ends, and the ocean starts. She uses deep learning techniques for segmentation and has transitioned from an optimized U-Net to a transformer approach . This research has been ongoing for two years and has resulted in the publication of a benchmark data set and baselines. In another project, Nora is collaborating with the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation to automate the process of bird counting in aerial videos. In the first study, she employed a neural network to recognize birds automatically in the videos , which indicated positive results. Also, Nora was recognized for her research during her master’s thesis, which focused on smart water meters and time series analysis. She concluded that classification requires labeled data as clustering methods did not yield satisfactory results using only the time series information. Nora is modest about what specifically impressed the jury and scooped the AI Newcomer Award but emphasizes her dedication to her PhD research. “ I’m most proud of the work I’m doing right Nora Gourmelon is a PhD candidate at the Pattern Recognition Lab at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Germany and the recent winner of the AI Newcomer Award in the field of natural and life sciences at KI-Camp 2023, an event for young AI researchers organized by the German Association of Computer Science and the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research.