Computer Vision News - December 2023

Computer Vision News 10 Oya Celiktutan, Senior Lecturer at King’s College London has also been studying social robotics for several years working on robots assisting humans on the physical, social and cognitive levels. She specifically introduced a method for identifying clusters of individuals engaged in conversation, enabling the robot to navigate between these groups rather than within the same group of people (social navigation). Laure Soulier, associate professor at Sorbonne University/ISIR lab, conducted a comprehensive review of the literature regarding the application of LLMs in robotics, with a particular focus on harnessing their planning capabilities to generate sequences of actions. Oya Celiktutan (King’s College, London) on social robotics and social navigation Simulation as an infinite source of data Gül Varol of the IMAGINE research team at Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, summarized recent work on bridging the gap between natural language and 3D human motions, with several examples on human motion control and synthesis from textual descriptions. The possible applications range from the control of humanoid robots to humanrobot interactions. Motion capture is limited and expensive, and generative models are a solution to provide unlimited data. In this domain she stated that “Leveraging physics would be the cherry on top of the cake, it would bring more realism but would not help the lack of data in terms of semantics.” 3rd AI for Robotics Workshop