Computer Vision News - March 2022

54 Summer School speakers, the team has found a diverse set of well-knownnames, including “hardcore” neuroscience people like Karl Friston , and people from the worlds of neuro- oncology and neuroimaging, more familiar to the communities of MICCAI and CVPR . Some speakers are famous psychologists who have moved into computer science, so the subject matter will be scientific and technological, and medical imaging content will be high. “You’ve seen already that the world is dominated by machine learning, and many models of machine learning come from neuroscience,” Alessandro tells us . “There’s an intersection, and this will continue. We’re not done. There’s a good marriage for the future between machine learning and neuroscience , as well as growing interest in neurotech. Start-ups are working on things controlled by the mind, like video games controlled by VR attached to the brain. Neurotech is one of the next revolutions.” The team has picked the perfect location for work and play: Lipari Island in Italy , one of the Aeolian Islands, and somewhere Italian-born Alessandro used to visit as a child. “People in Lipari say that even the cats are on vacation there!” he laughs. “These islands all used to be volcanoes. Some are completely dead; some are still active. There is one that is full of sulphuric geysers. Another island is an exploded volcano, and there is a nice lagoon there where we hope to do a social event. We’ll also have a boat trip around a real active volcano. Aside from these very picturesque things, there will be plenty of nice Mediterranean food.” Alessandro Crimi Anna Maria Trawińska