Computer Vision News - June 2022

18 Computer Vision Application With the range of possible threats expanding, relying on a traditional metal- only approach is no longer sufficient. Joe Biden recently announced a crackdown on ghost guns, which can be self-assembled, made of plastic, and even 3D printed. There are also ceramic knives and the proliferation of explosives, flares, and smoke bombs . “ Detecting the spectrum of threats is one thing, but it also has to be done with very, very high efficiency and high throughput , ” Jeff points out. “ Nuclear power plants, for example, have thousandsofpeoplegoing inonashiftwithin two or three hours, requiring something beyond a body scanner, where people stop and get screened, or a metal detector, which has a much lower throughput of people and objects. We’ve got to create a solution that operates much faster and has the intelligence to allow people Jeffrey Gordon is the Vice President of Engineering at Liberty Defense, overseeing the development of its breakthrough security detection products. Daniel Pineo is a Chief Engineer and AI Architect and has been working with Jeff for six months, focusing primarily on AI, but connecting with other areas of software and hardware. They are speaking to us about developing an innovative new personnel screening product. Jeff and Dan are veterans of the Homeland Security field , involved in developing the first airport body scanner used across the US and throughout most of Europe. Their latest project is turning their attention outside of the airport to venues and events where screening infrastructure is still based around decades-old metal security detectors . LIBERTY DEFENSE