Computer Vision News - October 2021

61 Deepcell Best of MICCAI 2021 In a way, this is bridging the gap between the centuries-old practice of looking at cells under the microscope, and the modern wave of biology that wants to really understand the molecular makeup of our cells . Biology and life sciences are rapidly becoming data science and engineering fields. They have always been about trial and error – you observe something, you try something, you learn something – but data science is allowing a lot more control over how we develop new medicine and new insights. “ Molecular understanding of cells has seen a revolution in the last few years and advancements in machine learning, hardware, and data have all paved the way for technologies like deep learning to flourish, ” Mahyar points out. “ We have replaced human intelligence with what some would argue was much more like a super intelligence. ” Deepcell has the largest dataset of high-resolution single cell images anywhere in the world . With such powerful data, it wants to reach an audience that truly understands the value of applying machine learning techniques to medical imaging. If all this is piquing your interest, you will be pleased to hear that Deepcell is hiring! They have many open positions in AI, machine learning, and data science, so make sure that you pay them a visit. “ I want to start a conversation with the brightest minds out there, ” Mahyar says. “ No single company or genius in the world can solve the kinds of problems that we want to solve here at Deepcell. We need a whole community behind us and that’s why we’re reaching for the best people out there. We want people with the highest skillsets as well as the highest ethics to join this effort and to help us build the next revolution in life sciences and data science. If you are interested in applying big data skillsets to innovate in this area, then we have the most exciting dataset to offer you! ”