Computer Vision News - February 2021

22 Imaging Challenge The 3rd EndoCV2021 International challenge and workshop will be held in conjunction with IEEE ISBI on 13th April 2021. It is aimed at “ Polypdetection and segmentation focusing generalization ability of deep learning methods '' and is now open for participation. Polyps in the colon are the early cancer precursors that need to be detected and removed during colonoscopy. Automated systems using deep learning techniques for example can help to localize and assist in removal. With this challenge, the organizers ( Sharib Ali , Debesh Jha and Noha Ghatwary ) aim to release annotations of more than 2000 endoscopy video frames collected from 6 different hospitals. This challenge will reveal the potential of deep learning methods for clinical translation . The organizers say, “ This is a major bottleneck and necessary for clinical deployment of currently existing or new methods.” Every year EndoCV invites distinguished keynote speakers for the workshop. Sharib Ali says, “we encourage interested researchers to participate in this challenge and submit their work to the workshop. ” The leaderboard submission for EndoCV2021 starts on February 20 while the training data is due to be released on February 2. Important dates: • Leaderboard submission start: 20 February 2021 • 4-page paper submission: 20 March 2021 (peer-reviewed) published in CEUR online • Challenge and workshop day: 13 April 2021 E n d o C V 2 0 2 1 C h a l l e n g e Ad d r e s s i n g g e n e r a l i s a b i l i t y i n p o l y p d e t e c t i o n a n d s e gme n t a t i o n