Computer Vision News - October 2020

little bit of what's going on, but it's a whole mystery to me. At the BASIRA lab with my research team and collaborators, we try to understand and decode this amazing construct and this amazing system. How many papers does BASIRA Lab have at this MICCAI? This year we have 12 papers. 3 at the main conference and 9 at different workshops including PRIME, GRAIL and MLMI. That’s very impressive. It's not the first time that you’ve had a successful MICCAI, and yet you're very young and already have a fabulous group working for you. Can you tell us how this happened? I would say that the first thing is discipline. I look for disciplined engagement and passion. As a professor, many students come to you. They approach you and want to work with you, but I have been ghosted before. I have had students come in who might be very smart, but they’re not engaged, and they're not well disciplined. I learned how to select the best students, those who are disciplined, highly engaged. They're passionate about the topic, and we work as a team. When I work with my students, I see this as teamwork, a collaboration. We enjoy doing research together. Despite the challenges and the difficulties that we might face along the way, in the end, what brings us closer together is a unique vision and a passion for learning and for creating. How does your passion go together with something very rational like science? How do you express your personality through such a practical field? Science is very rational, and we need to learn how to formalize a problem and 3 Islem Rekik 29 “That has changed the course of my whole career!” “I thought this is the most complex, yet fascinating system in the whole universe!”