Computer Vision News - May 2020

3 Summary Illumination Estimation Challenge 29 participants. For analysis, participants will be provided with the largest dataset (more than 5,000 images) shot by the cameras of similar sensor characteristics. For all images, not only the raw data will be provided, but also a verbal description indicating the type of scene, time of day, the presence of shadow, etc. During the competition, various types of algorithms proposed by the participants Nowadays, cameras are everywhere, on every laptop, tablet and smartphone, and with the increasing popularity of video meetings as the world adjusts to working from home, the need for accurate color reproduction is more important than ever. Alex Savchik, Egor Ershov, and Simon Karpenko together brought home the top prize for the Kharkevich Institute for Information Transmission Problems of Russian Academy of Sciences (IITP RAS) at the Illumination Estimation Challenge last year at ISPA 2019 in Croatia. This year, rather than participating, they will be the main organizers of the challenge. They speak to us about their experiences so far and what lies ahead. The 2nd International Illumination E s t i m a t i o n C h a l l e n g e "The need for accurate color reproduction is more important than ever." will be evaluated. Nominations will depend on the best algorithms applicable indaylight conditions or under artificial lighting. In addition, a separate nomination is provided for those who can determine the color characteristics of two light sources in one image. The final nomination list will be announced after that. All the information will be placed on the website of the challenge .