Computer Vision News - July 2020

Poster Presentation 54 application that I would love to see happenbefore I finishmy PhD is to scale this work into real 3D scenariosand model interactions between parts in a scene . People would like to be able to reason whether two parts in a scene are close to one another. Also, we propose a representation that compresses information to a required level of detail. For example, if you want to navigate to a scene, you don’t want to use the same amount of information to model all parts of a scene. If you have a table, you don’t need the same information as you would require if you had another part of the scene with a sofa or television. This allows us to do some things that were impossible before. ” As we bring the interview to a close, we have to mention to Despoina that it is a shame we can’t show our readers the way that we both speak with our hands - half of this discussion was done with gestures! “Well, what can we do?” she laughs… “… the project very nearly didn’t happen at all!” Best of CVPR 2020