Computer Vision News - May 2019

2 Computer Vision News Contents Project by RSIP Vision Airways Segmentation 14 04 Research Paper Review Double-DIP 36 Upcoming Events Challenge andWorkshop CARLA (CVPR 2019) 32 Focus on : JupyterLab by Assaf Spanier We Tried for You : Keras Pre-trained models by A.Geifman Women in Computer Vision: Gulcin Caner, Altia Systems AI Challenge & Workshop: CARLA (satellite of CVPR2019) Computer Vision Events: Bay Vision Meetup - Medical Imaging Upcoming Events May-July 2019 16 22 26 32 36 Editorial by Ralph Anzarouth Research Paper Review Double-DIP by Assaf Spanier AI Spotlight News From Elsewhere on the Web Project Management in Comp. Vis. Crisis Management with Nissim Avitan Project by RSIP Vision Airways Segmentation by Ilya Kovler 03 04 11 12 14 We Tried for You: Keras Pre-trainedmodels 22 Project Management Tip Crisis Management 12 Women in Computer Vision Gulcin Caner 26 AI Spotlight News 11 Focus on JupyterLab 16