Computer Vision News - May 2019

A Recipe for Training Neural Networks by A. Karpathy: Many of people have personally encountered the large gap between “ here is how a convolutional layer works ” and “ our convnet achieves state of the art results ”. Andrej Karpathy wrote a fascinating blog post to dig deeper into this topic and to give his personal recommendation to networks trainers . ReadMore… First Ever Observed Black Hole: As you certainly know, the scientific world was caught by surprise a few weeks ago with the revelation of the first picture of a black hole. Those who were not surprised are the early readers of this magazine, since they read the story of this research almost 3 years ago, when we interviewed Katie Bouman of MIT at CVPR2016. Read It… Open Questions about Generative Adversarial Networks: Even those who think that GANs are great (and they are!) will enjoy this great article about Trade-Offs between GANs and other Generative Models and much more. A Must Read! 11 Computer Vision News Artificial Intelligence Spotlight News Computer Vision News has found great new stories, written somewhere else by somebody else. We share them with you, adding a short comment. Enjoy! MorphNet: Towards Faster and Smaller Neural Networks: Another must read post on Google blog (b y Andrew Poon and Dhyanesh Narayanan ) DeepMind and Google: - the battle to control AI: If you think you know a lot about DeepMind , its history, its management and its mission, prepare to change your mind. We learned A LOT from this article and we promise that you will learn too. Read It! Google launches an end-to-end AI platform: More about Google : the Mountain View company keeps expanding its AI services with the purpose of democratizing AI and machine learning with pre-built models and easier to use services, while also giving more advanced developers the tools to build their own custom models: an end-to-end AI Platform for building, testing and deploying their models. ReadMore… Tree sleuths are using DNA tests and machine vision to crack timber crimes: Great article by Nature on innovative AI techniques that help fight illegal wood trade.