Computer Vision News - April 2019

Reinforced Cross-Modal Matching & Self-Supervised… : Another oral presentation that we will follow at CVPR2019 is Reinforced Cross-Modal Matching and Self-Supervised Imitation Learning for Vision- Language Navigation . This paper at the intersection of NLP with Computer Vision proposes a new method for vision-language navigation (VLN) tasks that combines the strengths of both reinforcement learning and self- supervised imitation learning. ReadMore Amazon Explains HowCV Can De-identifyMedical Images: Let’s start once again with Amazon: How to de-identify millions of medical images that researchers need to solve all kind of pathologies? They propose Amazon Comprehend Medical and the controversial Amazon Rekognition as a two-step automated solution that solves privacy issues and regulatory obligations like HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act). This blog post displays how these two services, plus some Python code, can inexpensively and quickly detect, identify and redact PHI (Protected Health Information) from within medical images. Read More… Semantic ImageSynthesiswithSpatially-AdaptiveNormalization: It’s another great paper from the Berkeley folks , together with NVIDIA and MIT . You will not be surprised to learn that BAIR’s Alyosha Efros and NVIDIA’s Jan Kautz gave advice on this work. It’s a simple but effective layer for synthesizing photorealistic images given an input semantic layout. Their model allows users to easily control the style and content of synthesis results as well as create multi-modal results. We look forward to their oral presentation at CVPR2019 , in June at Long Beach, CA! Enjoy! More Great Articles to Read: Will Artificial Intelligence Steal Your Fingerprints? Help Chemists with Disabilities Estimation of Free Space on Car Park Using Computer Vision Algorithms 11 Computer Vision News Artificial Intelligence Spotlight News Computer Vision News has found great new stories, written somewhere else by somebody else. We share them with you, adding a short comment. Enjoy! The Improving Picture of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: RSIP Vision ’s CEO Ron Soferman writes great articles on other magazines too. Here is another one. What he forgot to tell is that RSIP Vision can help you acquire almost all technologies and applications listed in the article! Read! Contact Ron