Computer Vision News - September 2018

29 Computer Vision News Which is the nicest building in the world, seen with the eyes of an architect? That is a very tricky question! I would say that there are so many different cultures. It is culture that gets reflected in buildings. There are buildings that I like from different cultures or eras; architecture reflects the changes in society. When I go back to Athens, it’s much fun for me to visit the Parthenon and Acropolis. Every time that I go there, I feel some kind of energy, the light and energy of the building. That is, for me, incredible. I also really like the Japanese culture and the traditional Japanese buildings. I imagine all of the things that took place in these traditional homes. I think that’s the most important part. I don’t have a favorite building, but I like how our culture and all of our activities take place in buildings from different eras and different parts of our thinking and of our society. In terms of architecture, function, shape and all the things that you could talk about, it still impresses me. What is the most important home improvement in modern times? I think more information in the way we use our houses, from understanding more about the air quality to being able to have more sustainable energy performance. You are not afraid of automation in your house, like not being able to get in or get out because some robot decided that you do not belong there? [ both laugh ] Well, there might be glitches in going forward. I don’t know. In going forward, I don’t believe that AI will kill us all… So we are not in a movie… [ both laugh ] There are things that we have to be aware of, we have to sort out, of course. I am working on complications. Tell your American friends something good about Greece or your American friends something good about Greece that they don’t know about. You can choose! All these are things I haven’t thought about for a long time! As for America to my Greek friends, I would say that things in Greece are not in the best shape. Financially, people are struggling to find a job. Here (in the States), there are more opportunities. If you want to do things, you can work hard, and you can achieve something. Whereas, right now in Greece, it’s harder to do it. You work a lot and try a lot, but it’s harder to achieve anything. Young people with dreams have these issues, and we need to be able to change that. So if you had a little sister, ten years younger than you, you would tell her to come to America. Well, they can go wherever they want. I’m not telling them to come to the US. I’m just telling them that we need to somehow change our mentality. In Greece, we do work hard. I think that we should be able to do better. We should be able to go back to when things were better than that and restructure. Did you read any of the “Women in Computer Vision” interviews that we published before yours? I did look at them, yes. Which one do you prefer? I don’t think I have a favorite one: I liked most of them. There were maybe one or two that were not my favorite... [ both laugh ] Definitely, you are a great interviewer! Women in Science 色 Iro Armeni