Computer Vision News - October 2018

Computer Vision News Editor: Ralph Anzarouth Engineering Editor: Assaf Spanier Publisher: RSIP Vision Contact us Give us feedback Free subscription Read previous magazines Copyright: RSIP Vision All rights reserved Unauthorized reproduction is strictly forbidden. Follow us: Computer Vision News Welcome 3 Did you subscribe to Computer Vision News? It’s free, click here! Dear reader, If you had the chance to attend ECCV2018 and/or MICCAI2018 , you are certainly aware of the exceptional progress of computer vision and image processing which was on display at these events. If you didn’t, this magazine offers you a limited, but significant, choice of the best articles we had published there on the ECCV Daily and MICCAI Daily magazines. You will find the BEST OF ECCV on page 11 and the BEST OF MICCAI on page 33. If I can give a piece of advice: Don’t miss our exclusive interviews with Alyosha Efros from Berkeley and with Daniel Rueckert from Imperial College London . Again, Assaf Spanier has prepared two more technical articles for us, with codes! On page 4, you can read about DeepLabV3+ , a new algorithmic model which provides an efficient and better performing encoder-decoder network; and on page 56, you find a more advanced study elaborated by our engineers on the same model: look under the hood -- at the code itself! On the 60 pages of this magazine you certainly find useful content and interesting food for thought. Why don’t you tell us what your own BEST OF would be? Give us some quick feedback , and you will be rewarded with an even better Computer Vision News. Enjoy the reading and, as always, take us along for your next Deep Learning project! Ralph Anzarouth Editor, Computer Vision News RSIP Vision