Computer Vision News - July 2018

in difficult times. All mentorship talks were so special to everyone in the room: they encouraged us, inspired us, trusted in us, and prepared us for future. The following day started early and with the awesome help from our friends at Facebook, we managed to prepare our precious WiCV bags before the workshop. I gave the opening remarks of the workshop including our motivations, statistics, improvements over the past years, and a glimpse of the program. We also added a section called “ Opportunities ” to summarize other events and communities that the audience can benefit. We prepared our workshop program to include 4 keynotes, 6 oral presentations, 43 poster presentations, and a panel discussion . This year, we selected our keynote speakers to balance academia versus industry, as well as junior versus senior researchers ratios. Moreover, we put special effort to diversify speakers covering different research domains and backgrounds. We believe that diversifying the set of speakers is of crucial importance to provide junior researchers with potential role models with whom they can identify and who can help them envision their own career paths. This also helps us put all perspectives together in our panel discussion. This year it was an honour to host Jessica Hodgins and Octavia Camps as the role models that guide all of us in this journey. Jessica’s keynote talk enlightened us about the history of analysis and synthesis of human motion in vision, graphics, and robotics, and Octavia presented an insightful keynote about using dynamic systems as encoding for video understanding. Our relatively junior keynote speakers were Laura Leal- Taixé and Carol E. Reiley . Laura presented their research about blending homography estimation with deep learning, and Carol introduced the autonomous driving technology of 48 WiCV at CVPR18 Friday Timnit Gebru sharing her story during theWiCVmentorship banquet Jessica reminding us to have fun by showing howher robot jumped froma fire circle at 2am, before her dissertation defense.