Computer Vision News - December 2018

Machine Learning resources that are legally accessible online for free: Harvard-MIT PhD candidate Sam Finlayson have collected and posted on his github a very nice list of Machine Learning resources : courses, textbooks, tutorials, notes, cheatsheets, you name it. When you thank him, tell him that he forgot to mention Computer Vision News! But tell him kudos anyway because he’s promoting a very noble cause . Go to his list of ML Resources… What is adversarial AI and why does it matter: No, this is not about GAN. It says how criminals can use great technology to harm governments, businesses and citizens. It also offers valid solution. Worth Reading! Why Big Tech pays poor Kenyans to teach self-driving cars Or what I call “the other side of training”: whatever you think of it, this is the cheap way often used to provide correctly labelled data to all kind of data-hungry Artificial Intelligence networks . They also talk about the great impact of our friends at Samasource ! Read More... Create animated GIFs with OpenCV: Adrian Rosebrock has posted on his excellent blog a tutorial teaching how to create animated GIFs with OpenCV , Python , and ImageMagick. You can even download the code and do something fun while learning to use important computer vision tools. Enjoy! How to Encode a Secret Message in a Fingerprint: Fingerprints are no longer just a way to identify people: they can also be used to send private notes and it’s easier than you think. Researchers construct synthetic fingerprints in which ridges and bifurcation patterns hide a secret meaning, while mimicking legitimate fingerprints. Read More... IntelligentMachines -Machine learning/quantumcomputing While we work on deep and machine learning, another information processing revolution is in its infancy: quantum computing. Researchers are starting to test the potential of merging these two technologies. A Fascinating Read! How Much Do You Really Want AI Running Your Life? Are there tasks which should always remain under human control? Good Question! Here Is a Tough Answer... 15 Computer Vision News Spotlight News