Computer Vision News - August 2018

Computer Vision News Editor: Ralph Anzarouth Engineering Editor: Assaf Spanier Publisher: RSIP Vision Contact us Give us feedback Free subscription Read previous magazines Copyright: RSIP Vision All rights reserved Unauthorized reproduction is strictly forbidden. Follow us: Computer Vision News Welcome 3 Did you subscribe to Computer Vision News? It’s free, click here! Dear reader, Taskonomy is the name of the Research of the Month, reviewed by Assaf Spanier for our readers. We will learn how to obtain the best results when re-training using transfer learning. The other technical article of this month is a review of NiftyNet , a TensorFlow-based open- source convolutional neural network platform for research in medical image analysis . Between these two essays, you will find the Spotlight News and the Challenge of the Month : Visual Dialog , the aim of which is to teach an Artificial Intelligence agent to hold a significant dialogue with a human about visual content. We are grateful to Devi Parikh of Georgia Tech and Facebook AI Research for her precious comments about the challenge. As usual, we open a window on RSIP Vision ’s work: this month you read about our automated pallet inspection project , while Ron Soferman gives one more interesting lecture about Project Management with Deep Learning. Last but not least, you will meet our guests: Anand Joshi tells us about the computer vision arena in the first half of 2018; and our Woman in Computer Vision is the very young and impressive Pauline Luc , who tells us about her work between an industrial and an academic lab. Enjoy the reading and, as always, take us along for your next Deep Learning project! Ralph Anzarouth Editor, Computer Vision News