Computer Vision News - January 2017

" The best day of the year " - I heard this sentence a couple of times during this year's Women in Machine Learning workshop . While the workshop is open for all genders to attend, the presenters are only women and the workshop is a great platform to exchange, become inspired, and network with other women in the ML community. And there is statistical proof for its success (and as a scientist, that's what we're ultimately interested in, right?): this year's WiML workshop had almost 600 participants, an increase of 45% since last year. " We're growing faster than NIPS! " is another quote I heard - albeit of course NIPS was an order of magnitude larger, with close to 6,000 participants. So while NIPS was kicking off with the tutorials on Monday, we came together in a room at the other end of the conference building, in a casual and almost (compared to NIPS) cozy setting. For me this was a great start to my first- ever crazy "where-do-I-go-next" NIPS. In a non-rushed atmosphere it was a perfect day for connecting to other female researchers, listen to one of the most successful women in Machine Learning during the keynote speeches, and - most importantly - talk about our research and learn about what other women from all over the world are working on. My personal highlight of the workshop was the mentorship roundtable program - one dedicated to "research" and one to "career & advice", each lasting about 36 Computer Vision News Computer Vision Events The Women in Machine Learning workshop at NIPS - Neural Information Processing Systems The Thirtieth Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) was held a few weeks ago in Barcelona. Unfortunately, it has not been possible to publish a NIPS Daily as we did with past conferences like CVPR, ECCV and MICCAI . But we have been so lucky that an old friend of Computer Vision News was at NIPS and was kind enough to write about it. Read below what Luisa Zintgraf , a graduate of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam, tells us about this year's Women in Machine Learning workshop . The WiML organizing committee that made this event possible (left to right): Rose Yu, Deborah Hanus, Isabel Valera, Diana Cai and Sarah Tan “ The best day of the year! ” “ We're growing faster than NIPS! ” Event by Luisa Zintgraf