CVPR Daily - Tuesday

by Yuyin Zhou and Mathias Unberath The 9th edition of the CVPR Medical Computer Vision was held on Sunday in a hybrid format. The workshop is hosted by Mathias Unberath (Johns Hopkins University), Yuyin Zhou (University of California, Santa Cruz), Nicolas Padoy (University of Strasbourg, France), Tal Arbel (McGill University, Canada), Qi Dou (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Vasileios Belagiannis (Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg). The CVPR MCV workshop provides a unique forum for researchers and developers in academia, industry and healthcare to present, discuss and learn about cutting-edge advances in machine learning and computer vision for medical image analysis and computer-assisted interventions. The workshop aims to bring together stakeholders interested in leveraging medical imaging data, machine learning and computer vision algorithms to build the next generation of tools and products to advance image-based healthcare. The 11 keynote presentations covered cutting-edge research topics from leading researchers from academia and industry, including Q&A sessions with both live and virtual audiences. A total of 60+ live attendees, as well as 50+ remote attendees, joined the event, engaging in intensive discussion regarding the technological advances, the latest progress, challenges, and future promises. The detailed schedule, highlights, and recordings can be found here. Kensaku Mori from Nagoya University kicked off the morning session by introducing AI-based endoscopic procedure . Specifically, he introduced multiple advanced AI techniques for several critical tasks to improve performing endoscopic procedures including blood vessel recognition on laparoscopic video, left gastric artery segmentation, depth estimation and shape recovery, and classification of laparoscopic images, among other tooics. Prof. Mori also shared valuable and unique insights on the current challenges as well as future trends. 16 DAILY CVPR Workshop Tuesday