CVPR Daily - Thursday

DAILY T h u r s d a y Workshop 22 Hui is looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say and discovering what they are working on: “When you organise these workshops, they grow out of your own personal research interest, and you’re exposed to such a wide range of ideas. It’s a very rewarding experience, if a little discomforting at times! There can be lots of things going on that you don’t know about, but they are so interesting. It’s very humbling.” What about their day jobs? Outside of the workshop, Negar would like to pick up on something Hui mentioned earlier: “There was a white paper on how we can address people with diverse body shapes in the fashion industry. I’ve been working in the areas of computer vision and multimodal learning for a long time. What I am seeing is that some of these computer vision applications that we are creating can be harmful because they’re not addressing specific This year, Devi, Hui, and Adriana Kovashka from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Pittsburgh will be taking part in a panel discussion bringing together science, art, creativity, and machine learning, moderated by Negar. The whole community are invited to submit questions. The workshop also features challenges that encourage applying and developing new computer vision techniques for fashion retrieval. A popular aspect of previous workshops has been the art gallery competition . Sadly, there will be no art gallery this year, but artworks from previous years are free to view online, and Negar is keen to point out the importance of finding a common ground between artists and machine learning researchers to see what new type of art can be generated.