CVPR Daily - Thursday

DAILY T h u r s d a y Workshop 20 Hui Wu and Negar Rostamzadeh are two of the organizers of the Third Workshop on Computer Vision for Fashion, Art and Design at CVPR this year. Hui is a computer vision researcher at IBM Research, working on vision and language and computer vision for fashion retrieval. Negar is a research scientist at Google Brain Ethical AI team, working on robustness testing in computer visionproblems, with a particular interest in the intersection of language and vision. Hui and Negar speak to us ahead of their workshop on Friday morning. This workshop sees computer vision and machine learning meet with fashion, art and design . It’s where computer scientists with a creative interest come together with tech- savvy artists to learn about recent developments in the field of computer vision and machine learning for creative applications. It’s about artists and technologists creating a new type of art based on the arts that were created before and developing more creative applications for machine learning. Hui tells us interest in the workshop from the community has been growing. Last year saw many senior computer scientists in attendance who were actively listening to those from the artist community. There were encouraging and open-minded questions from the audience, who were keen to work together. Research-wise, important topics are emerging, such as computer vision tools developed for fashion 3rd Workshop on Computer Vision for Fashion, Art and Design Hui Wu Negar Rostamzadeh design for diverse body shapes. This is something that was unheard of two years ago, but as new dialogues open up