CVPR Daily - Thursday

2 Anthony's Picks DAILY T h u r s d a y For Today, Thursday 18 th Anthony Cioppa is a 3rd year PhD candidate at the University of Liège in Belgium, in Prof. Marc Van Droogenbroeck’s team. He graduated in Electrical Engineering but quickly switched to computer vision and deep learning; he got a 4 year research grant to join a project in sports analysis as a PhD. "This project, cleverly named DeepSport, started in 2017 and includes several PhDs and Postdocs from different Universities across Belgium. Working as a team towards a common goal is what I enjoy the most about my PhD. To this end, I recently went on a 3 months research stay at Aalborg University in Denmark under the supervision of Prof. Thomas B. Moeslund. This has been a fantastic and fruitful experience. The two papers that my fellow co-author and friend Adrien Deliège and I present this year at CVPR and CVsports were carried out during this research stay. One of them is also a collaboration with Silvio Giancola and Prof. Bernard Ghanem from KAUST." "Since the start of my PhD, I have been a regular at CVPR, and especially at the CVsports workshop, where we received the best paper award twice in a row. I am really eager to discover the amazing work carried out by the other researchers. This year, I think I’ll pay a particular attention to the progress in panoptic segmentation and graph neural networks." Anthony’s picks of the day: Oral: 3.1A: Classifying, Segmenting, and Tracking Object Instances in Video withMask Prop. 3.1A: PointRend: Image Segmentation As Rendering 3.1B: Video Panoptic Segmentation 3.2A: Online Knowledge Distillation via Collaborative Learning 3.2B: Just Go With the Flow: Self-Supervised Scene Flow Estimation 3.3B: Satellite Image Time Series Classification With Pixel-Set Encoders and Temporal... Poster: 3.1: Rethinking Classification and Localization for Object Detection 3.3: Explaining Knowledge Distillation by Quantifying the Knowledge "Even though this CVPR will be special, I think it is a great opportunity to innovate in the ways we promote our work. In fact, the new video presentation format gave Adrien and I the idea to start a YouTube channel where we will present our work in dynamic, (hopefully) entertaining and (hopefully) understandable scientific videos. Feel free to check it out and subscribe to “ Acad AI Research ” ." Don't Miss Anthony's poster at session 3.3.95 !!!