CVPR Daily - Wednesday

Amit Kumar 10 Good morning CVPR! This is Wednesday’s issue of CVPR Daily . You can read our reports about paper presentations and enjoy fascinating interviews with some of our special colleagues. I would like to share one number with our readers. Yesterday’s issue, the first of this year, generated more than 40,000 pageviews in only a few hours . These are 40,000 pages of shared knowledge created at no cost by this simple community magazine and by the kindness of those who accepted to talk about their work. When you accept to be interviewed for this magazine (and for its parent publication Computer Vision News , all published by RSIP Vision ) , you do not only circulate your work; you also join this chain of powerful shared knowledge of which all participants (the interviewees, the conference organizers and your humble servant the editor) can be very proud. Keep sharing the magazine, enjoy the reading and enjoy all of CVPR 2018! Ralph Anzarouth Editor, Computer Vision News Marketing Manager, RSIP Vision Wednesday 3 CVPR Daily Publisher: RSIP Vision Copyright: RSIP Vision All rights reserved Unauthorized reproduction is strictly forbidden. Our editorial choices are fully independent from IEEE, CVPR and the conference organizers. Editorial Jan Kautz - NVIDIA 04 Holger Caesar 06 Emanuel Laude 08 Woman in Science Emanuela Marasco 12 Deborah’s Picks 02