CVPR Daily - Wednesday

surfaces everywhere, even if we don’t know. So in theory people can make their own artifact without even knowing. Which is very scary! This is fascinating! You actually are not American. You are Italian from Naples. How long have you been in the States? I can say eight years. Where is home? The States or Italy? Oh, that’s a good question. Well, I enjoy doing my research here because I have many opportunities. I can attend these conferences like CVPR. The work is in the US, and the home, the family, is in Italy. I like to go there and visit during the summer. What do you miss the most about Italy? Food! Of course… And family! We are both Italian, but our readers are not. Can you tell our readers something about Italy that they don’t know? What I miss is the Sunday, the long lunch on Sunday with family. We sit there at 1, 1:30, 2 even. We start late. Here, I eat at 11. If I’m really hungry, I eat, even by myself. There, we sit everyone. We wait. I miss the homemade food. They prepare it from scratch. Then it’s a long, relaxing lunch until like 4PM… until the last espresso! I miss seeing family around on Sunday. Here, if I can work on Sunday afternoon, I do that. For me, now Sunday is also work. What should Italians learn from Americans? For myself, I feel more inspired here, especially in the city where I am now. Wednesday 15 Emanuela Marasco “For me, now Sunday is also work”