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Prof. Clare Tempany


MICCAI Daily: Thursday

think medical practice is incredibly

rewarding. I’m a radiologist so I

don’t take care of patients. I make

diagnosis. I’m sort of like the

doctor’s doctor. They come with the

problem and I help them solve it. I

love this challenge. I love the

challenge of taking the data and

looking at the images and finding the

finding. It’s very satisfying.

I’ve been very lucky to work in

clinical and now in research as well. I

think I have had a very good balance.

I think, this will be much harder in

the future because clinical practice

of medicine is so demanding that it

wants 100% commitment with very

little time for research. I think this is

a tragedy.

If it was today, I think it would be

better off to do the medical degree,

spend one or two years in the

hospital, and then go work in a really

good industry where I can make a

big difference. You can make a bigger

difference perhaps in industry today

than you can in healthcare. Now it’s

hard. It’s really hard to be a good

doctor and do really good science at

the same time. It’s very difficult.


In my magazine, Computer

Vision News, and also in the Dailies

that I have published at CVPR, ECCV

and now at MICCAI, there is a

section dedicated to Women in

Science. Every issue, I interview a

woman, and I ask her about her



On behalf of the women,

thank you… and their husbands, and

their partners, and their sons...

thank you.



blushes and smiles

] Very

often I hear women speaking about

the importance of confidence or lack

thereof. They say if they had more

confidence, they would succeed like

a man. Given your experience, why

do you think men seem to have

more confidence in this field than



Well, this is gender biology.

Gender biology is really driving those

two answers. Remember back in the

beginning when we all started. The

man was the hunter. He had to go

out and find the food for the family

because he was stronger. The

women stay at home to nurture the

children because they are the only

ones that can get pregnant and have

babies. It goes way back. This is

engrained in our DNA. The women

are the team builders, the family, the

protectors, and the homemaker. The

man goes out, he hunts, he brings

back the animal, and he feeds his


Usually, it’s still somewhat the same

even today. We are trying very hard

to change this of course. We have to

create more and more opportunities