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but it’s not the first time I will d

o so.

I was rather involved in doing ev


for breast cancer all around


world. One of the aspects that


the researchers a big headach

e is

logistics and dealing with all of t


You always learn something new,


I know my area. I know my ci

ty. I

have my network to do that. Th

at is

not what worries me.

Then the rest is the team. Ma


Descoteaux is our Program C


with D. Louis Collins. Lena M


Hein and Pierre Jannin are in


program committee. I know


they are going to do a bang up


On the other side we have Tal A


(Satellites Chair), Parvin Mou


Kevin Whittingstall

and J


Cardoso So I sleep very soundly.

The team is good


Ralph: What

are the chances that

you and I

will co-sign the first

editorial of

the MICCAI Daily 2017

together? Simon: Righ

t now, it’s 100%. Of

course, I cann

ot predict the future. If

I did, then I’

d be much richer, but I

would love to


Another thin

g is that we would really

like to see an

increased presence of

the students

, which are about 30-

40% of the co

nference. It’s really the

other way ar

ound of what it should

be. The univ

ersity students are the

majority, of c


There are m

any things that I would

like to do to

promote students. First,

is a decrease

in price. The price in

Quebec City,

for all kinds of reasons,

will be at le

ast ⅓ less than what it

was in prev

ious editions. This will

primarily ben

efit the students. The

second thing

is to get the student

society activ

e in MICCAI. The role

they took he

re is great, and they will

be taking th

at role hopefully a bit

more in Queb

ec City as well.

The third thi

ng we’re going to do is

have a platfo

rm called Jujama, which

will be the re

gistration platform. It’s

also going

to be the program

platform, s


platform, and

networking p

latform. When you plan

your week,

you can meet people.

You can me

et industry if you are

looking for a

job, if you are looking

for postdoc,

so on and so forth. It’s

great to follo

w-up, not just to have


5 day meeting, but to

start a conve

rsation before, during,

and after.

CVPR Daily: Thursday

Women in Science


MICCAI Daily: Thursday

The General Chair contemplati


organizing MICCAI 2017