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Ralph Anzarouth:

How do you like

this conference? What did you learn

from it that you will bring to MICCAI


Simon Duchesne:

First of all, my first

MICCAI was in 2000. I missed just a

few so this is probably my

fourteenth or fifteenth MICCAI. I’ve

seen it evolve throughout the years.

Each year is slightly different from

the last. They each have their own

flavor. This depends on what papers

are being proposed, and the

scientific content changes from time

to time.

Of course,

the location and

organizing gives it a different twist.

From the organization point of view,

the first twist here was the change

from Istanbul to Athens. I feel the

pain of Sebastian and the rest of the

crew because I know fully what kind

of work it is logistically to have 6

months to move from one city to

another. When you actually organize

a conference and have to deal with

contracts, logistics, hotels, and all of

those details, there’s a lot of work.


What about the technical

program? What did you learn as a

lesson to take with you next year?


There are certainly new

trends. One of the biggest new

trends that everyone is talking about

is machine learning in general, deep

learning in particular. That is

certainly a trend that is here,

probably to stay. We’ve seen trends

come and go at MICCAI, but I think

machine learning has been here for

a while and will be here. Deep

learning is one of the great

applications mainly because it has a

lot of results. This is certainly a trend

that we will favor for next year.


Are there novelties that you

can tell us that will happen next year

in Quebec?


There will be novelties in

terms of scientific content. It’s hard

to know. Of course, it depends.

What we can only hope is to have

more people. There has been a slight

decline in terms of the number of

people that came this year

compared to last year. That is likely

because of the change in venue. We

hope to go back to a steady number

above 1,000 people. This, of course,

brings more papers and more

science. Other big things in Quebec

City: First of all, we would like to

make it a really welcoming

environment for everybody. I think

Quebec City is a wonderful city for

that. The convention center is right

in the heart of things. Everything will

be walkable. It’s a safe and secure

city. Of course, I might be slightly

biased, but I think it’s beautiful.

There is a lot of talk in the women

community, and that’s certainly an

aspect that we would like to push.


Why do you take on yourself

the burden of organizing MICCAI?


I’ve been doing events since

2003. I’ve been quite involved. This

is probably my eighteenth or

nineteenth event. It’s one of the top,

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Simon Duchesne - General Chair