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I’m at the Springer

booth with

Wayne Wheeler

, who is

Senior Editor for Computer Science

at Springer London

. I see you display

your catalogue in many scientific

conferences. Why do you come and

propose your books here, and what

kind of books are they?


Two main reasons:

Basically, Springer is the number one

world publisher in proceedings of

scientific conferences of all sciences.

MICCAI, of course, has been one of

our core audiences for many years.

We publish the proceedings for

MICCAI so we always want to be

here to support the MICCAI

communities. We like to showcase

our journals, our books, our

proceedings, and all of our products

to let the community know that we


them in whatever

publications they have or ideas that

they might have and to answer

questions. We come here to meet

face to face and support them.


Is there still a place for

paper in this kind of business?


Absolutely - Thank you for

the question. Books actually are

surging again. We’re finding data to

support that. Whereas, under the

electronic revolution, books started

to decline, they are starting to come

back up,

especially textbooks

because students don’t prefer

looking at and studying online. They

prefer paper. We’re increasingly

publishing only in electronic for

journals. Although journals are more

preferred in electronic form,

regarding books, many people like to

hold them in their hands.


I have one last

question for you. You have certainly

met a lot of young people and young

students all

around different

conferences. What makes MICCAI

special and what particularly charms

you with the people that you meet



[laughs] This is a tricky

question, but one thing that I really

appreciate about the MICCAI crowd

is that it is very international. Some

conferences that I attend are really

focused on one or two major

markets or major regions of the

world. MICCAI is very international.

There’s a great dynamic and mixture

of people from academia and

industry, and a great mixture of age

groups. We get to meet and support

young talent and also nurture long

standing relationships.



MICCAI Daily: Thursday