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Mattia Gentil

Workshop - IMIC


MICCAI Daily: Thursday

During Monday’s workshop about Interactive Medical Image Computing


Mattia Gentil

gave a talk about his paper "Interactive Tracking of

Cells in Microscopy Image Sequences".

This work has the goal of providing a reliable tool for live cell tracking in

microscopy videos with the supervision of a domain expert.

The proposed approach relies on level set segmentation algorithms to keep

track of the boundary of each cell in every frame of the video; this is

necessary in order to extract useful metrics for medical analysis (e.g. the

measure of the surface of a cell or its movement over the substrate).

However automated algorithms make mistakes, therefore an expert is

asked to oversee the tracking process and he is given the tools to stop the

tracking and manually correct the mistaken cell boundaries.

Furthermore the research group also proved that a K-Nearest Neighbors

classifier can be trained in order to predict when the expert intervention is


For future work, the team plans on involving inexpensive crowd workers

with the purpose of fixing the algorithm mistakes without the expert


Interactive Tracking of Cells in

Microscopy Image Sequences