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All posters are in the Morning:

10:30 to 12:00

Pages 43-46 of the Program Book


Self Super-resolution for Magnetic Resonance Images


Automatic Lymph Node Cluster Segmentation using Holistically-

Nested Networks and Structured Optimization in CT Images


Joint Segmentation and CT Synthesis for MRI-only Radiotherapy

Treatment Planning


7T-Guided Learning Framework for Improving the Segmentation of

3T MR Images


Crowd-algorithm collaboration for large-scale endoscopic image

annotation with confidence


Deep Learning Computed Tomography

Shadi Albarqoun

is a PhD Student at


for Computer Aided Medical Procedure

(CAMP) at

Technical University of Munich

(TUM) in Munich, Germany.

I’m Interested in Deep Learning for

Medical Application. In particular,

combining both Artificial Intelligence (AI)

together with the Human Intelligence (HI)

through crowdsourcing or active learning.

For those who are interested in Deep

Learning, fundamentals and practical

hands-on, follow our CAMP/TUM page

Shadi’s Picks

For today, Thursday 20


MICCAI Daily: Thursday

It is a great opportunity

to have this year MICCAI

in Athens, Greece, where

you can enjoy the

ancient culture together

with amazing scenes of

nearby islands. I

therefore recommend to

spend some time in

these islands