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Prior-based Coregistration and Cosegmentation

Mahsa Shakeri

Enzo Ferrante



MICCAI Daily: Thursday

I met Mahsa and Enzo during MICCAI, and they told me about their stories

and work. Mahsa Shakeri is an Iranian PhD student, who is currently

finishing her PhD at Polytechnique Montreal in Canada. Enzo Ferrante is

Argentinian, and he is a postdoctoral research associate at the Biomedical

Image Analysis group of Imperial College London. He is also finishing a

master on sociology of science. They met a year ago in Paris at the Center

for Visual Computing (CVC) of CentraleSupelec, where they started a

project that was published this year in MICCAI.

Their work is a nice example of how collaboration works in the scientific

world. On the one hand, Mahsa had experience on brain image

segmentation techniques, and during the last year she was particularly

interested in multi-atlas segmentation. On the other hand, Enzo had been

working during the last 4 years in the domains of probabilistic graphical

models and discrete optimization, focusing on medical image registration.